Metissage technique and materials

My Fine Arts degree in Lyon was based on traditional texile techniques from the Dong and Miao regions in China. Using knowlege of the ancient techniques and integreting contemporary ideas such as digital and screen printing I was able to create links between the two cultures and the two types of production.

Travel Souvenirs

My embroidery degree is inspired by a visit to central Asia. There are three holiday memories that are represented. They may not be what you imagine but are experiences anyone could have had ; a meal, a visit to a tourist site or a hike in the mountains.

Internship and professional experiences

These projects present the various internships that I completed in Germany, Cambodia and China. Each of these were enriching experiences from technical, logistic and human points of view.

Printed Materials and Fabrics manipulation

This work shows the parallel between the textile used and the design inprinted ; how one influences the other. Its a design of flowers, maps, landscape or luminous fabric.